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Entry Title
Active Buffer Management for Provision of VCR Functionalities
Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Systems
Adaptive Joint Source-Channel Coding for Scalable Video
Advances in Image and Video Quality Assessment
Analyzing Person Information in News Video
Applications of Face Recognition and Novel Trends
Architecture of Commercial News Systems
Audio and Video Information in Multimedia News Systems
Audio Compression and Coding Techniques
Audio Conferencing
Audio Streaming
Augmented Reality
Authoring and Specification
Automated Lecture Recording
Automatic Generation of Video Documentaries
Availability and Scalability of LOMSS
Behavioral Facilitation
Biometrics for User Authentication
Block Matching
Broadcast Encryption
Camera Motions
Cascading Style Sheets
Categories of Video Service in Video Video-on-Demand System
Cell Phones and E-Commerce
CFA Image Zooming
Client-Server Architecture
Client-Server Multimedia Streaming
Coding of Stereoscopic and Three Dimensional Images and Video
Collaborative Computing
Collaborative Visual Environments
Color Image Filtering and Enhancement
Color Image Noise
Color Image Zooming
Color-Mapped Imaging
Combining Intra-Image and Inter-Class Semantics for Image Matching
Compressed Video Spatio-Temporal Segmentation
Compression in Image Secret Sharing
Content Based Music Retrieval
Content Based Three Dimensional Shape Retrieval
Content Distribution Network
Content Extraction and Metadata
Content Management in Multimedia News Systems
Content Protection Solutions for Digital Home Networks
Content-Based Photo Album Management Using Faces
Content-User Gap in MPEG-7
Context and Current Metadata Standards
Context-Aware Modeling of Multimedia Content
Context-Aware Multimedia
Context-Aware Musical Audio
Context-Aware Video Production
Context-Based Arithmetic Coding
Creating Adaptive Course Texts with AHA!
Data Conferencing
Data Discovery, Routing and Traffic Patterns
Data Encryption Standard (DES) and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
Data Management Techniques for Continuous Media in Ad-Hoc Networks of Wireless Devices
Data Mining for Video Coding and Transcoding
Data Modeling, Multimedia
Dead Reckoning
Demosaicked Image Postprocessing
Design of Object-Based Storage Devices
Desktop Virtual Reality
Detection of High-Level Concepts in Multimedia
Device-Driven Presentation of Multimedia Content
Diamond Search for Block Motion Estimation
Digital Camera Image Processing
Digital Cinema
Digital Inpainting
Digital Rights Management
Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT)
Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT)
Distance and Similarity Measures
Distributed Multimedia Systems
Distributed Video Coding
Document Standards in Multimedia News Systems
Edge Detection
Edge-Sensing Mechanism
Elements of Multimedia in Education
Embedding Multiple Watermarks in a Transform Domain
Emotion and Multimedia Content
Encryption in RTP
End-to-End Security for Multimedia Adaptation
Experimental Media Systems
Exposure Values
Extensible Stylesheet Language
Face and Facial Expression Recognition using Three Dimensional Data
Face Detection, Tracking, and Recognition for Broadcast Video
Face Recognition
Face Recognition Evaluation and Pilots
Face Recognition, Three Dimensional
Facial Animation and Affective Human-Computer Interaction
Fairness in Online Games
Frequency Domain Representations for Three Dimensional Face Recognition
Fuzzy Techniques for Context Representation
Game Accessibility
Game Event Synchronization
Gaze Tracking Applied to Image Indexing
Geographic Video Content
GIF Format
H.263 Video Compression
Halftoning Based Visual Secret Sharing (Vss)
Haptic Devices
Haptic Feedback in User Interfaces
Harmonic Broadcasting Protocol
Hierarchical VoD System
High Definition Live Streaming
Huffman Coding
Human Computer Interaction
Hybrid Transmission Approaches for Video-on-Demand System
Hypercube-Based Multi-view Video Coding
Image and Video Capture
Image and Video Quality Assessment
Image Compression and Coding
Image Data Representations
Image Inpainting
Image Search Engine
Image Secret Sharing
Image Watermarking
Image Watermarking using Visual Cryptography
Immersive Virtual Reality
In Home, in Car, in Flight Entertainment
Indexing Three Dimensional Scenes
Infrared Face Recognition
Infrastructure and Engineering
Inpainting in Virtual Restoration of Artworks
Integrated QoS Architecture of LOMSS
Integration of Collaborative Computing with Modeling and Simulation Technologies
Intel XScale Micro-Architecture
Interactive Story Telling
Interactive Virtual Humans in Mobile Augmented Reality
Interactivity in Multimedia Documents and Systems
Interleaved Audio
IP Telephony
JFIF (JPEG File Interchange Format)
JPEG 2000 Image Coding Standard
Key Management
Knowledge-Assisted Image and Video Analysis
Large Scale Multimedia Streaming in Heterogenous Network Environments
Large-Scale Object-Based Multimedia Storage Systems
Large-Scale Video-on-Demand Systems
Layered Access Control for Mpeg-4 Fine Granularity Scalable Video
LCD Display Interfaces
Legacy and Current Practice - The Reality of Contemporary Collaborative Computing
Long Duration Continuous Media Retrieval
Massively Multiuser Online Game
Median Cut Algorithm
Medical Image Segmentation
Mesh, Three Dimensional
Message Digest (MD5) Algorithm and Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA)
MIME Types
Mobile Broadcast Multicast Services
Motion Blurring
Motion Compensation for Video Compression
Motion Estimation
Motion Estimation with Half-Pixel Accuracy
Motion Picture Inpainting on Aged Films
Motion Saliency
MPEG-1 Video Compression
MPEG-2 Video Compression
MPEG-21 Based Video Adaptation with Encryption and Authentication
MPEG-4 Advanced Video Compression (MPEG-4 AVC)/H.264
MPEG-4 Video Compression
MPEG-7 Applications
MPEG-7: Multimedia Content Description Interface
Multicast True VoD Service
Multichannel Data Ordering Schemes
Multimedia Archives and Mediators
Multimedia Authentication
Multimedia Authoring
Multimedia Conferencing
Multimedia Content Adaptation in MPEG-21
Multimedia Content Description and Standards
Multimedia Content Modeling in COSMOS-7
Multimedia Content Personalization on Mobile Devices using MPEG-7 and MPEG-21
Multimedia Content Repurposing
Multimedia Design
Multimedia Encryption
Multimedia Entertainment Applications
Multimedia File Sharing
Multimedia Fingerprinting
Multimedia in Education
Multimedia Information Systems
Multimedia Metadata Profiles
Multimedia Metadata Standards
Multimedia News Systems
Multimedia News Systems Infrastructure
Multimedia Personalization
Multimedia Production
Multimedia Project Planning
Multimedia Proxy Caching
Multimedia Semantics
Multimedia Semiotics
Multimedia Sensor Networks
Multimedia Servers
Multimedia Storage Organizations
Multimedia Streaming on the Internet
Multimedia Synchronization
Multimedia Synchronization - Infrastructure and Engineering
Multimedia System-on-a-Chip
Multimedia Technologies in Broadcasting
Multimedia Web Information Systems
Multimodal Analysis of Human Behavior
Multimodal Interfaces
Multiple source Alignment for Video Analysis
Multi-Resolution Image Inpainting
Multi-View Video Coding
Networking for Massively Multiuser Online Gaming
Networking Protocols for Audio Streaming
Neural Networks in Multimedia Content Adaptation
Object-Based Stereoscopic Video Coding
Object Recognition and Pose Estimation from 2.5D Scenes
Object Tracking in Video Using Covariance Matrices
Online Gaming
Online Multimedia and Television
Online Multimedia E-Commerce
Open Systems for Online Face Recognition
Optimization of Video Content Descriptions for Retrieval
Overlapped Block Motion Compensation
Peer-to-Peer Multicast Video
Peer-to-Peer Streaming
Peer-to-Peer Systems
Peer-to-Peer Systems and Digital Rights Management
Person Detection in Images and Video
Personalized Educational Hypermedia
Photo Defect Detection
Placement of Continuous Media in Ad-Hoc Networks of Devices
Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
Power-Rate Distortion Analysis for Wireless Video
Privacy and Video Surveillance
Private-Key Cryptosystem
Progressive Forest Split
Protection of Multimedia Data in Distribution and Storage
Proxy-Caching for Video Streaming Applications
Public Key Versus Secret Key Encryption
QOS Assessment of Video Over IP
Quality of Service in Multimedia Networks
Range Image Quality Assessment by Structural Simplicity
Real Time Multimedia
Real Time Transport Protocol
Real-World Multimedia Systems
Recording Teleconferencing Sessions
Reindexing Techniques
Role of Semantics in Multimedia Applications
RSA Public-Key Encryption Algorithm
Scalable Video Coding Fundamentals
Scalable Video Coding Standard
Scalar Edge Detectors
Scheduling in Multimedia Systems
Secure JPEG2000 (JPSEC)
Security Issues in Wireless Video
Segmentation and Coding
Segmentation Evaluation
Segmentation of Images and Video
Semantic Agents on the Internet
Semantic Class-Based Image Indexing
Semantic Consumer Image Indexing
Semantic Image Representation and Indexing
Semantic Medical Image Indexing
Semantic Visual Query and Retrieval
Semantic Web
Semantic Web Services
Semantics Standards and Recommendations
Semantics Web Tools and Technologies
Sharable Content Object References Model (SCORM)
SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data Processing
Spectral Model
Sports Video Analysis
Steroscopic and Multi-View Video Coding Standards
Streaming Multimedia and its Applications in Educations
Streaming Multimedia Information Processing
Striping Strategies for Large Size Multimedia Files in LOMSS
Structural Similarity Index Based Optimization
Three Dimensional Content-Based Search and Retrieval of CAD Objects
Three Dimensional Face Recognition
Three Dimensional Object Watermarking
Three Dimensional Television Services
Three-Dimensional Video Visualization and Navigation System
Threshold Schemes with Minimum Pixel Expansion
Trends in Multimedia E-Commerce
Universal Multimedia Access
Usage Environment Adaptation
User Modeling in MPEG-7
Utility Model-Based Adaptation of Multimedia Content
Valence-Driven Conquest
VC-1 Video Compression
Vector Edge Detectors
Video Adaptation
Video Authentication
Video Automatic Annotation
Video Coding for Video Streaming Applications
Video Coding Techniques and Standards
Video Conferencing
Video Content Analysis Using Machine Learning Tools
Video Databases
Video Delivery over Wireless Multi-Hop Networks
Video Error Resilience Techniques for MBMS
Video Inpainting
Video Near-duplicate Detection
Video over IP
Video Quality Assessment for Wireless Applications
Video Search
Video Stabilization
Video Summarization
Video Transcoding
Video Transmission Strategies for Large-Scale Video-on-Demand System
Video Usage Mining
Video Watermarking
Video-Based Face Recognition
Virtual and Augmented Reality
Virtual Presence
Virtual Reality
Vision-Based Interaction
Visual Cryptography
Visual Information Retrieval
Watermarking, Audio
Watermarking, Video
Wireless Video
Wireless Video Adaptation
WMV-9 Video Compression
Workflow Computing
Digital Biometrics
Image and Video Super Resolution Techniques
Multimedia Content Adaptation
Networked Collaboration Environments
Instance Search
Large-Scale Multi-Class Image Classification
Social Multimedia Analysis
Wearable Multimedia
Inter-Destination Media Synchronization (IDMS)
Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH)
Quality of Sensory Experience (QuaSE)
Joint Image Encryption and Compression
Multimedia Streaming in Wireless Mesh Networks
Endoscopic Video Processing
Interactive Video Search Tools
Music Recommender Systems
Music Information Retrieval
Greedy streams
Thin stream
Video panorama
Tiled panorama
Partial video caching
Content popularity
Visual descriptors for CBIR
User intentions in multimedia
Using games to solve multimedia research questions
Compressed Progressive Meshes
Digital Watermarking
Emergent Semantics
Generic Multimedia Content Adaptation
Image Retrieval
Knowledge-Based Multimedia Adaptation Decision-Taking
Middleware for Streaming Three Dimensional Meshes
MPEG-21 Digital Item Adaptation
MPEG-21 Multimedia Framework
Multimedia Adaptation Decision-Taking
Multimedia Libraries
Optimization-Based Multimedia Adaptation Decision-Taking
Automated Lecture Capturing
Behavior Detection
CAD Objects; Similarity
Camera Shake Compensation
Categorical Documentaries
Color Palette Imaging
Color Palette Reordering
Color Palette-Based Lossless Image Compression Format
Color Quantization
Compression Chain
Content Adaptation During Distribution over the Internet
Content Adaptation Using MPEG Standards
Content Analysis
Content Production
Cross-Modal Utility Models
Data Discovery in Multimedia
Depth Image Quality Assessment
Detecting the Gaze of People
Directional Blurring
Distributed Encoding, Joint Decoding
Encryption and Authentication of H.264 Video'
Error Resilience in Wireless Video Transmission
Face Grouping
Face Identification
Face Localization
Face Matching
Facial Gesture Determination
Frame Dropping
Gaze Tracking Systems
Gaze Tracking Techniques
gBSD-based Adaptation
Hierarchical VoD Architecture
High-Level Concept Detection
Human Detection
Hybrid P2P VoD Framework
Indentification of Objects and Retrieval of their Pose
Image Classification
Image Device Movements
Image Fidelity Optimization using SSIM
Industrial Virtual Trainer
Integral Images for Fast Covarience Computation
Joint Source-Channel Coding
Key Technologies of LOMSS
Knowledge Discovery in Multimedia
Large Scale Network Virtual Environments
Metadata Applications
Metadata Model
Metadata Production
Metadata Semantics
Metadata Standards
Metadata Validation
Mixed Reality
MPEG-7 Systems
MPEG-7 User Interaction Tools
Multicast Broadcast Mode Network
Multimedia Content Modeling Standard
Multimedia Data Management
Multimedia File Stripping
Multimedia Information System Architecture
Multimedia Metadata Standard
Multimedia Processing
Multimedia Semantics Representation
Multimedia Services on 3G Networks
Multimedia Workflow Processing
Multi-person Detection
Multi-person Tracking
Navigation of Video Data
Network and Terminal Adaptation
Object Recognition
Optimized Palette Generation
Peer-to-Peer VoD Architecture
Perceptural Image Optimization using SSIM
Person Information Analysis
Person Localization
Practical Video Processing Framework
Presentation Recording
Privacy Protection
Profiling MPEG-7
Pseudo-Color Image Processing
Quality of Service for Wireless Video
Range Image Fidelity Measurement
Rhetorical Documentaries
Selective Encryption
Semantic Concept Detection
Semantic Sports Video Analysis
Sensor's Exposure Characterization
Sports Video Content Analysis
Three Dimensional Copyright Protection
Three Dimensional Face Identification
Three Dimensional Face Identification-authentication
Three Dimensional Face Verification
Three Dimensional Motion Picture
Three Dimensional Object Retrieval
Three Dimensional Search Engine
Three Dimensional TV
Three Dimensional Video Compression
Three Dimensional Videos
Three GPP
Two-level Meta Data Management
Usage Histories
User Input
User Interaction
User Preferences
Video Copy Detection
Video Fidelity Measurement
Video Matching
Video Retrieval
Virtual Humans
XML-Based Multimedia Metadata
High Quality Video Conferencing
Immersive Telepresence
Coding Format Agnotstic Multimedia Content Adaptation
Coding Format Independent Multimedia Content Adaptation
Finding Parameters for Multimedia Content Adaptation Engines
Finding Parameters for Multimedia Content Adaptation Utilizing Optimization Techniques
Interoperable Description Formats Facilitating the Adaptation of Multimedia Content
ISO Standard Enabling Device and Coding Format
ISO/IEC 21000
ISO/IEC 21000-7:2007
Multimedia Framework
Part 7 of the MPEG-21 Multimedia Framework
Partial Video Bit Streams
Search for Adaptation Decisions
Searching for a Sequence of Adaptation Operations Utilizing AI-based Planning Techniques
XML Metadata-Based Adaptation of Multimedia Content